What is ingenuity?

Ingenuity is the ability of your institution and its constituent workers and to transform creativity into meaningful, actionable improvement.  For new products and services; or for new, better ways of doing all the things done across the organization, measuring your ingenuity results in measurable improvement. Ingenuity includes developing and implementing better policies, decision making, and business processes.


Ingenuity requires leadership commitment and an appetite for risk because creative ideas tend to run counter to organizational memory and political momentum. Ingenuity is most often maximized in a collaborative environment, therefore compensation and reward mechanisms must be instituted to stimulate teamwork. Measurable resources must be front-loaded to nurture and reward ingenuity.


Finally, new ideas and approaches may challenge the status quo or established methods (or even policy); ingenuity requires a corporate culture and emotional intelligence that sincerely encourages new ideas.  Where fear of retribution is present, ingenuity dies.

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